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Many people believe they must spend a lot of money to get the perfect fishing gear to maximize their fishing experience. While good equipment is a must, this attitude could mean they miss out on mega deals and discounts and reduce the amount of fishing they get to enjoy. We have some of the best fishing gear on the market at affordable prices. We have tested each item, so you don’t have to worry about trusting products that might fall short of your expectations.

Fishing Adventures

Seeing is believing. Check out our adventures and read about the experiences our members have shared.

Want to make new friends while enjoying great fishing? Party boat fishing is an exciting way. We have fished with many party boats operating out of marinas along the US East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, and many more we want to explore. We enjoy meeting people from all over the world who share our passion. Read about our experiences and those of our members. Imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean under the cool sea breeze, relaxing and enjoying your fishing experience with some of the best people.

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Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, there is something to learn for everyone interested in fishing. Maybe you’ll learn how to flatline or slow jig, or how to tie a perfect knot, pick up on new fishing skills, or become familiar with fishing rules for the local area. You won’t know until you explore what we have in store for you.

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Who We Are

Welcome to our website, dedicated to travel fishing and affordable equipment to make it easy. We usually like to fish from party boats across the eastern and southern US. At a much lower cost than charters, party boats give us the ability to fish more on our budget. Although most boats provide all the needed gear for a small fee, it is usually very generic, easy to maintain, and meant to last them forever. While most boats try to keep their equipment in working order, it can be difficult. For this reason, we always take our gear! As we develop our site, we plan to add additional products to make carrying your fishing gear easy and affordable.

Jeff Kormanec

I grew up fishing the lakes and rivers of the Ohio north coast (Lake Erie). As a kid, catching sheepshead (freshwater drum) was easy and a blast. As I grew up, I switched to walleye, smallmouth, and salmon. Going to school in Florida, I got attached to saltwater fishing and never really went back to freshwater. Why settle for bait when you can catch fish? Now I spend my time fishing the waters off Ocean City, MD, for sea bass, stripers, and flounder. In Florida, I mostly fish for Kings, snapper, grouper, and tuna. I always prefer using my equipment. Living in Virginia, I purchased travel-friendly gear to take with me wherever I go, and this is what led to the Affordable Travel Fishing Gear Store.

Ed Schaffner

As a young boy growing up in Washington state, I enjoyed fishing for trout and catfish in the rivers and streams.  Now, a grandfather, I enjoy taking my grandsons fishing for red snapper and grouper off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas.  In between, I have had many opportunities throughout my career in Air Force and as a consultant and program manager in the global public sector, and I enjoyed fishing in my off-time around the world. Spearfishing for giant Lapu-Lapu  (grouper) off the coast of Northern Luzon, Philippines, ice fishing in Sweden, and hooking and hand-catching dinner in a Japanese fish tank and stream are a few of the more interesting experiences.
I have enjoyed catching, preparing, and feasting on a wide variety of fish as well as lobsters, crabs, octopus, clams, and other sea creatures, for over 50 years. Jeff and I have been fishing the warm waters off the Eastern and Southern coasts together for over 15 years. Fishing with party boats has rarely disappointed us, especially when we use our traveling fishing gear. When the trip was less than fantastic, it was usually the weather that limited our success. When it comes to fishing, I enjoy just about any type, even when the fish aren’t biting. A day on, in, or under the water is better than just about any day on land!

Fun and Adventures Begin with Affordable Travel Fishing Gear and Party Boat Fishing With Ed and Jeff

Join Us

Party Boat Fishing is a great way to explore new areas and make new friends while saving money and catching fish! If you would like to join us on any of our trips, just click on the operator link in the trips below to see more information and to reserve a space. Let u know you’re coming so we can look for you. Hope to see you soon!

In addition to our online store, we also reserve spaces at fishing and outdoor sporting venues in NJ, MD, VA, and FL to sell our products.  If you are in the area, drop by and meet us and pick up some excellent deals not available on our website




May 20-25

Join Jeff and Ed on our late spring fishing week aboard the local party boats and fishing in the bay. Contact us, if you would like to join us.

July 30-32

We are headed to Galveston, Tx on Saturday, 29 July for 2 days of jigging and fishing the last two days of Red Snapper season. The lst time we went, everyone on the boat limited on Reds and with many Vermillion snapper and grouper caught as well. We will bring along extra jigs and we'll be glad to show you how it's done!

November 7-15

Annual Florida Keys Fishing Trip

Want some great party boat or bridge fishing in some of the best waters in the country? Join us any time during that week and we take you to some of our favorite spots and operators. We will be based out of Tranquility Bay in Marathon and fish from Islamorada to Key West.

Recent Go Party Boat Adventures

Key West Fishing Aboard the Gulfstream

We have enjoyed party boat fishing with Gulfstream Charters of Key West for the past six years. The Captain puts us on good fishing nearly every time and doesn’t waste time moving if they aren’t biting or have stopped. Such was the case this trip.

The first stop in the Atlantic yielded a few yellowtail, small grouper, porgies, and lots of grunts before moving to another spot when the lines went dead. We moved several more times into shallower water, but fishing was not as good due to higher than forecast winds and waves and strong current. nevertheless, it was a great trip, albeit a bit light on fish caught this time.

Key West Salty Goat Party Boat Delivers Again!

One of favorite party boats in Key West is the Salty Goat. This trip, Capt. Dan and mate Darren didn’t disappoint. Due to forecast weather, they chose to fish on the Gulf side in 30 feet of water. Good choice!

We caught several of yellowtail flat-lining with squid and chunks of blue fish we caught the day before. The high point of the day was catching the 22″ mutton snapper shown above with Darren. Bottom fishing was also good with mangrove snapper, large grunts, porgies and grouper making up the catch a great time was had by all of us onboard!

Our Members' Adventures and Comments

Sand Trout Fishing in Galveston Bay

Had a good time with my Grandpa on a half day trip aboard the TexunII with Williams Party Boats in Galveston Bay. The trip out was short, and the fish started hitting as soon as we dropped anchor. The mates kept busy picking our fish and re-rigging break offs from snags ….

Red Snapper or Everyone

My Grandpa and I had a really good day fishing for red snapper with Galveston Party Boats, We both caught our limit of two, and so did the other 98 people aboard. 200 red snappers were caught along with over 300 other fish during this 12-hour trip

Home to Some of the Best Fishing Advice You’ll Find

Find useful advice and links on fishing techniques, knot tieing, rules and regulations, and more.

Fishing Tips, Tricks, and More!

Thanks to the internet, there is a tremendous amount of information available at the click of a button. Social media sites and groups, blogs, instructional videos, regulatory sites, fish identification apps, the list goes on. Following are a few selections we hope you will find useful.

Sharing the Fun

FaceBook offers a wide range of public and private groups. Consider these and search for more Facebook Groups in your areas of interest
Party Boat Fishing Inc
Florida Saltwater Fishing
Florida Keys

Knowing the Rules

Knowing the regulations where you fish will help avoid costly mistakes when you aren’t fishing with commercially operated boat. Use these links as a starting point, but always confirm with local sources for updates. Remember , Federal and State laws are different
Click on state to see state fishing regulations


There are many ways you can rig your line to catch fish, but some work better than others. Rigs for FL Fishing
Ultimate Fishing Site – Rigs


From tying the proper knot to rod handling, knowing your best options can make all the difference in your success Knot Tying
Bottom Fishing
Vertical Jigging
Slow Pitch Jigging

Where We Fish

A Fishing Trip With Operators We Have Fished With is a Great Way to Enjoy Party Boat Fishing

Great fishing experiences!

The markers on the Google map below show the places where we have fished and the party boats we have fished with.  Click on the markers to see details and links. We have been fishing off the coast of many parts of Florida and some off the coasts of Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, and New Jersey, with more trips coming to other areas. These fishing spots are famous for Red snapper, Grouper, Hogfish, Blackfins, Bonita, and many more. With the right  affordable travel fishing gear and experienced operators that put you on great spots, you will have  a great time and go home with a nice catch!

Had a great party boat experience you want to share?  Drop us a few words, photos, videos, and link and we will add it to our map.

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