Our Member’s Adventures and Comments

Sand Trout Fishing in Galveston Bay

Had a good time with my Grandpa on a half day trip aboard the TexunII with Williams Party Boats in Galveston Bay. The trip out was short, and the fish started hitting as soon as we dropped anchor. The mates kept busy picking our fish and re-rigging break offs from snags. While the fish were not very big, we caught a lot, and they were easy to clean and tasted great pan fried. – J. Waters

Red Snapper or Everyone

My Grandpa and I had a really good day fishing for red snapper with Galveston Party Boats, We both caught our limit of two, and so did the other 98 people aboard. 200 red snappers were caught along with over 300 other fish during this 12-hour trip. The boat was very crowded, and the trip out was long, but the gally served good food and the mates were very helpful with bringing the fish on board and untangling the lines that became tangled nearly time someone caught a fish. – C. Waters