Recent Go Party Boat Fishing Adventures

Key West Fishing Aboard the Gulfstream

We have enjoyed party boat fishing with Gulfstream Charters of Key West for the past six years. The Captain puts us on good fishing nearly every time and doesn’t waste time moving if they aren’t biting or have stopped. Such was the case this trip.

The first stop in the Atlantic yielded a few yellowtail, small grouper, porgies, and lots of grunts before moving to another spot when the lines went dead. We moved several more times into shallower water, but fishing was not as good due to higher than forecast winds and waves and strong current. nevertheless, it was a great trip, albeit a bit light on fish caught this time.

Key West Salty Goat Party Boat Delivers Again!

One of favorite party boats in Key West is the Salty Goat. This trip, Capt. Dan and mate Darren didn’t disappoint. Due to forecast weather, they chose to fish on the Gulf side in 30 feet of water. Good choice!

We caught several of yellowtail flat-lining with squid and chunks of blue fish we caught the day before. The high point of the day was catching the 22″ mutton snapper shown above with Darren. Bottom fishing was also good with mangrove snapper, large grunts, porgies and grouper making up the catch a great time was had by all of us onboard!