Long triangular shaped slow pitch jigs with brilliantly colored reflective foil get down to the fish quickly.

300-400g Deep Drop Saltwater Slow Pitch Jigs

Catalog No. SPJ-1033



  •  300 and 400g slender metal body
  • 300g – 21cm, and 400g – 22.5cm length
  • Triangular cross section
  • Black carbon assist hooks
  • Highly reflective metallic stripes
  • Glow in the dark top edge stripe
  • 2-8/0 assist hooks are standard

Optional Configurations Available

  • Number of hooks. 2 is standard. 3 available
  • Hook location – Eye end is standard, tail end upon request
  • Single or treble hook maybe added to the tail with a split ring or single, double or treble may be added with assist lines
Let us configure the jig you want!


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