36″ titanium bar with 5-5″ teaser birds, 13 9″ floating bulb squids and 1 9″ weighed bulb squid stinger with a 9/0 hook generates plenty of action on the surface to attract big game.

36" Titanium Floating Bulb Squid Spreader Bar

Catalog No. SB-36T-5B-13BS-Stg


  • 36″ 1/8″d Titanium bar
  • 150 and 250lb ball bearing snap swivels for quick change of lines
  • 4-150 lb test mono outboard teaser lines
  • 1-250 lb test main stinger line
  • 5″ Teaser bird on each line to stir up plenty of noise on the surface to attract fish
  • 13 Soft bulb squids with floats to keep them on top
  • Weighted 9″ stinger with a 9/0 hook
  • Chafe tubes on all pressure points
  • Available in Green, Zucchini, Natural, Rainbow, Pink, and Purple/Zebra color schemes
  • Includes mesh bag for convenience and rinsing
Options at Additional or Reduced  Cost
  • 18 and 24 inch widths
  • 3-5 Downlines
  • Replacement Teaser and Stinger downlines
  • Ball bearing snap swivels for each downline for easy replacement
  • 6″ Bulb Squids
  • 0-5 5″ Teaser birds
  • 7″ Teaser bird
  • No Stinger
  • Configured to your design
We hand-make all our spreader bars to order giving our customers the option to design the bar they want.  Please use our Contact form to share your needs and we will work with you to build an affordable spreader bar that works for you.